Lithium fluoride lenses

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Lithium Fluoride (LiF) is an excellent VUV transmitter and transmits efficiently at the Hydrogen Lyan-alpha line of 121nm.
Planoconvex lenses bend parallel rays so they converge to a focal point. Planovex lenses have one flat face and one outward pointing convex spherical face and have a positive focal length.
Lithium floride transmits at over 90% in the visible and infrared spectrums between 0.15-6µm. Transmission in deep UV between 155nm to 220nm is at over 90%. Lithium is largely insoluble in water and doesn’t degrade by atmospheric moisture at 400°C but softens at 600°C so a protective coating is advisable.
The refractive index varies from 1.4391 at 0.2µm, to 1.3918 at 0.6µm, and to 1.2975 at 6µm. LiF cleaves very easily so the manufacture of optical windows must be worked with extreme care.
Typical applications for Lithium windows include UV transmission lenses and analysis crystals in X-Ray monochromators


Diameter: +0/-0.15mm
Centration: <6 arc minutes
Focal length: 1-1.5%
Surface quality: 60-40 scratch/ dig

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